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Ready to unlock your full career potential? Let’s make your professional journey an exhilarating adventure! As a dynamic Career Coach with a track record of transforming lives, I’ve empowered 1K+ individuals to conquer obstacles and blaze new trails in their careers. Together, we’ll craft a winning job search strategy that propels you towards success.

Get read to build confidence and become empowered, as you get to know your unique strengths, evolve, and transform towards your life purpose! As a Career Coach, I inspire and support adults who overcame major trauma or life-changing events, to find a purpose-driven career.

My approach to career coaching is different from traditional methods because I use Astrology and Spirituality to find a deeper meaning. Empower yourself by bringing a unique perspective into your life. Enroll in the 8-week Life Purpose Career Coaching package or sign up for individual hourly sessions.

I also offer a 6-week Traditional Career Coaching package that helps adults through a successful job search to handle challenges due to their career change. My goal is to help you navigate through your job search as you move towards finding work in your new career path. Start your transformation and book your free 15-minute discovery call with me now.




Life Purpose Career Coaching is offered to adults who faced major life trauma or transition. Traditional career coaching concepts are merged with Astrology and Spirituality to help you find a purpose-driven career. Navigate through a soul-searching journey that uncovers what it is that YOU want to do. Sessions are held virtually by Zoom or phone to guide you. Payment is accepted online through PayPal, Stripe, or e-transfer. My expertise as a Career Coach and Recruiter gives me a chance to show you things from a different point of view.

Life Purpose Career Coaching Package: This 8-week package is designed to guide you through a series of sessions that puts you on a career path that fulfills your soul. The fee for this package is $1,499.99 CAD.


  • Discover your Life Purpose
  • Clarity and Understanding
  • Explore Career Options
  • Implement Action Plan
Details of package:
  • 1 x 15-minute FREE Discovery Call
  • Eight 1-hour sessions (virtual or by phone)
  • Two complimentary 1/2 hour follow up sessions
  • Career Profiling with Astrology and Birth Charts
  • Activities and Individual Action Plan

1-on-1 sessions: One-hour sessions can be booked to find a career path that supports your life purpose. The rate for a one-on-one session is $250 CAD per hour.

Traditional Career Coaching Package: This 6-week package guides you through sessions to find work in a totally new field. If you’ve recently completed training for a new career path, this service will help you overcome obstacles to find work. The fee for this package is $899.99 CAD.


  • Job Search Strategy
  • Resume Writing, Cover Letter, Pitch & LinkedIn Profile
  • Interview Preparation & Mock Interview
  • Prospecting & Networking
  • Job Maintenance
Details of package:
  • 1 x 15-minute FREE Discovery Call
  • Six 1-hour sessions (virtual or by phone)
  • Two complimentary 1/2 hour follow up sessions
  • Activities and Resources

1-on-1 sessions: One-hour sessions can be booked to support your job search strategy. The rate for a one-on-one session is $150 CAD per hour.



What is Career Coaching using Astrology & Spirituality?

Career coaching typically focuses on your job-related ambitions, skills, professional aspirations, and future. I merge traditional career coaching strategies with Astrology, including Natal Birth Charts, and Spirituality to help you connect to your life purpose. Life Purpose Career Coaching investigates your soul’s mission and natural abilities and gifts, then moves on to your career/job, work environment, money, and life purpose aspirations.

What are the benefits for you?

  • Escape a dead-end job that leaves you unsatisfied at end of day
  • Create a life you really love that supports with your life purpose
  • Discover a career that excites you and matches your personality
  • Choose a path that shows of your gifts, experiences, and dreams
  • Get a handle of your energy and confidence along your journey

How does the process work?

If it’s your first time trying my service, book a 15-minute free Discovery Call to see if we’re a good fit to work together. We’ll talk about what it is you want to happen, what’s the best way to proceed. The Life Purpose Career Coaching Package runs for a total of 8 weeks where we meet virtually once a week via Zoom or phone. Of course, you always have the option of choosing the Traditional Career Coaching package or individual hourly sessions to focus on specific areas.

All of this comes together with short exercises and tools between sessions that build towards building a customized Action Plan. My job is to help you narrow down options and guide you towards your life purpose. Once you know what it is, we’ll work towards a plan of action with resources to further your education, come up with a job search strategy or network with others.

How much does it cost to work with me?

For a one-on-one individual coaching session, the hourly rate $250. The 8-week Life Purpose Career Coaching package is $1499. If you’re interested in the 6-week Traditional Career Coaching package, the fee is $899.99. The one-on-one sessions are $150 per hour for this package. Payment is accepted via PayPal or e-transfer and must be paid within 2 days before start of session. My prices are typically expected and considered reasonable.


My Story


My name is Coralyn Fraser, and I am your Career Coach & Recruiter. I’ve worked at Nova Scotia Works Centre for five years as a Certified Career Practitioner, Case Manager, Job Developer and Job Search Facilitator. I was also a Recruiter, Account Manager, and District Manager in the staffing industry for over ten years. I’m inspired to share my career coaching and recruiting expertise.

At some point in our lives, things can go completely left. Do you wonder what career path leads you closer to your life purpose? It pays to take time to soul search to hit the reset button, heal, and grow to find your life purpose. Through astrology and spirituality, I help you get a deeper meaning in discovering your purpose. Let me help you figure out what YOU want to do at this phase of your life.

Harnessing my extensive background as a Recruiter for over a decade, I possess an innate talent for connecting individuals with their ideal roles. It’s my passion to combine my wealth of Career Coaching and Recruitment expertise to guide ambitious adults like you through the exhilarating process of career transformation.

Ready to embark on an extraordinary journey? Let’s connect and revolutionize your career trajectory today! ✨💼

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I've never had much interest in career coaching because they always make everyone act with the same approach, creating an army of clone resumes searching for jobs. However, after graduating from my bootcamp, Coralyn was assigned to be my coach, and she completely changed my point of view. She has such a nice perspective on how to make strong connections and create an effective resume for job hunting. She helped me identify the skills I acquired in my previous jobs and taught me how to position myself in the market without forgetting who I really am. Thanks for all your help during this journey!
Luis Felipe Donatti Pinto
Junior Full-stack Web Developer
Coralyn is compassionate, thoughtful, kind, funny and one of the most encouraging people I have ever met. She creates an ambiance of "you can do it, so let's go get it." She is a pleasure to speak with and plan career moves with and someone who can help boost your workplace confidence. I came to Coralyn at a low point in my life, and I am entirely grateful to her for supporting me. I firmly believe, in part to Coralyn, that we need someone in our corners to help our career projections. If we find people to support our mental and physical health needs, we need someone for our careers. Coralyn IS that person. Even though my career search may be over for now, I will keep Coralyn on my team because she is excellent. If you wonder if you should work with her, the answer is always yes.
Natasha Castela Lopes
Researcher, Program Advisor, Editor & Transcriber
Working with Coralyn as my career coach was a game-changer. Her guidance and expertise in the job application process helped me secure a position in the field of data science. With her tailored approach to career coaching, I was able to showcase my skills and land a great opportunity.
Simona Oltean
Junior Data Analyst
Coralyn did a tremendous job preparing me for the job market. Every meeting was met with extreme professionalism and positive energy. She is extremely well organized as her days are planned by the minute. There are many good habits and things to learn from someone with such dedication. If you are looking for someone who is going to help: * Build your confidence * Answer those big questions * Make a plan of action * Find resources for your goals Then I believe Coralyn would do just the job and more.
David Guillaumant-Mergler
Full-stack Web Developer
As my career coach Coralyn's insights were spot on and practical. As I embarked on my job search she provided timely resources, was available, and provided feedback critical to my success. She is someone who is sincerely interested and engaged. It is great to have someone in your corner who believes in your potential. Thank you! Highly recommended!
Stan Clarke, Jr.
Full-stack Web Developer
Had an amazing time working with Coralyn, she guided me through my job search with great advice and insights on the industry. It felt very reassuring to know that she was always easily reachable and eager to help whenever I had questions. She really went above and beyond all the expectations that I had and I can't recommend her enough! Thank you for the great coaching Coralyn!
Olivier Su, BEng
Software Developer

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Coralyn Fraser, Career Coach & Recruiter
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