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Get ready to build confidence and become empowered, as you get to know your unique strengths, evolve, and transform towards your life purpose! As a Life Purpose Career Coach, I inspire and support adults who overcame major life trauma, to find a purpose-driven career.

My approach to career coaching is different from traditional methods because I use Astrology and Spirituality to find a deeper meaning. Empower yourself by bringing a unique perspective into your life. Enroll in the 8-week Life Purpose Career Coaching package or sign up for individual hourly sessions. Start your journey and book your free 15-minute discovery call with me now.

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Life Purpose Career Coaching is offered to adults who faced major life trauma or transition. Traditional career coaching concepts are merged with Astrology and Spirituality to help you find a purpose-driven career. Navigate through a soul-searching journey that uncovers what it is that YOU want to do. Sessions are held virtual by Zoom or phone to guide you. Payment is accepted online through PayPal, Stripe, or e-transfer. My expertise as a Career Coach and Recruiter gives me a chance to show you things from a different point of view.

One-on-One sessions: One-hour sessions can be booked to find a career path that supports your life purpose. The rate for a one-on-one session is $250 CAD per hour.

Life Purpose Career Coaching Package: This 8-week package is designed to guide you through a series of sessions that puts you on a career path that fulfills your soul. The fee for this package is $1,499.99 CAD.


  • Discover your life purpose
  • Clarity and understanding
  • Explore Career Options
  • Implement Action Plan

Details of package:

  • 1 x 15-minute FREE discovery call
  • Eight 1-hour sessions (Zoom or by phone)
  • Career profiling with Astrology and birth charts
  • Activities and individual action plan


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My Story

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My name is Coralyn Fraser, and I am your Life Purpose Career Coach. At some point in our lives, things can go completely left. It pays off to take time to soul search to hit the reset button, heal, and grow to find your life purpose. By mixing traditional career coaching concepts with Astrology and Spirituality, I found my natural abilities as a Life Purpose Career Coach and became a Spiritual Life Coach and Spiritual Healing Advisor.

I’ve worked at Nova Scotia Works Centre for five years as a Certified Career Practitioner, Case Manager, Job Developer and Job Search Facilitator for African Nova Scotians. I was also a Recruiter & Account Manager in the staffing industry for over ten years. I’m inspired to share my career coaching and recruiting expertise, and to guide other Gen X adults (41-56) to their life purpose through Astrology and Spirituality.


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Coralyn Fraser

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